Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another One Rides The Bus

When people think about buses what comes to mind? School buses and public transit most likely. But really, how many of us ever use the bus? Sure a lot of us rode it when we were kids—it was a fun way to get to school, almost like a little trip every morning. It seems like the bus is just about ready for a transition into the adult world.

Well why don’t many of us ride the bus now as adults? We aren’t afraid to be in a motor-home or in RVs, so what’s the stigma with buses? It might just be that the majority of our country does not have a very good plan when it comes to public transportation. This means that buses, and the like, appear to be a little more low-class than many of us are comfortable with. Well get over it. There are nice buses out there! Ever been on a Prevost? it’s like a limousine that doubles as a house. What about a converted bus? These are luxuries that don’t have to be out of reach anymore.

Let’s not be afraid to step on the bus anymore—we know now they aren’t low-class at all. If anything, we love huge things in this country, so we should all love the huge bus as well. In twenty years we’ll probably all be driving buses instead of small cars. Maybe we should head out and buy a used minibus just to be ready for that change in car fashion.

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