Monday, June 28, 2010

Be Really Beautiful

Are you what people refer to as “new money?” This means that you have just come into a lot of money–as in you did not come from an established rich family. Maybe you won the lottery, received an inheritance, or just got promoted to a much more lucrative job. Either way, your new community might have a hard time warming up to you.

The way you dress can be a huge detriment to your new lifestyle. You will need to get out there and buy as many designer clothes as possible. A woman’s designer handbag is a great accessory that can help to boost your status from “new money” to new friend. If there are still some timid feelings about buying such expensive items that serve no real purpose, there is always still the wholesale route. Luckily, there are still many designer brands that can be found at wholesale, but do not sacrifice too much in style or taste.

Designer fashion is now going to be an important part of your everyday life–start thanking your lucky stars now. Worrying about which designers are in this season is just one of the few things that will fill up your days and nights, successfully keeping you from having to think about anything important ever again. What a relief.

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