Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copper For All

Whoever thought that using copper to cook with would be such a great idea? But it’s simple science if you think about: Copper is a great conductor–after all it’s in all of our wiring–so why not use copper to make pots and pans? Having access to such a fantastic and versatile metal means all kinds of high-end products can come out from it. Copper cookware? well that sounds like it is only the beginning.

A copper pot is just like any other pot, except that it’s made of copper. Pretty simple concept. One of the most useful metals in American history is, and has been, copper. It’s used in everything from wiring, to construction, and even used to make currency. What will this wonderful metal be used for next? Whatever it is, it’s practically guaranteed to be useful.

Copper cookware is just another ring in the tree that is the life of copper. As a naturally industrious people we crave useful materials, and then stretch them into as many different uses as possible–it’s the American way. Copper is thus a perfect metal for us; It’s versatile and useful. Its uses cover every part of our society–electricity to piping, and construction to beautiful copper pots and pans. Feel free to bask in the glow of this life-enhancing metal.

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