Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bus Support

Support your local bus driver. That means exactly what it sounds like. The bus that we see out on the road everyday is one of the best ideas for any society or community. The quality of public transportation that exists in a city or state is a direct reflection of how much that specific place cares about its citizens. Not only in the amount, cost, or availability of buses, but also in the quality of the bus itself.

This may not seem like a big deal, but think about how often people ride the bus. Pretty rare these days--at least for the majority of citizens who need the individuality that comes with driving a car. Think of the places that supply nice buses to their people: a Prevost or an MCI Coach? those are high quality vehicles. And what about converted buses? so luxurious it's hard to believe.

Let’s not be afraid to step on the bus anymore—we know now they aren’t low-class at all. If anything, we love huge things in this country, so we should all love the huge bus as well. In twenty years we’ll probably all be driving buses instead of small cars. Maybe we should head out and buy a used minibus just to be ready for that change in car fashion.

When you see the bus heading down the street--you are seeing it because you aren't on it, by the way--remember that a bus means your city cares about you, and that strange person behind the wheel is doing everyone a great service just by taking that job. So support your local bus driver, please.

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