Tuesday, June 22, 2010

English in the Summer

With summer now in full swing every activity feels like an adventure. This is a great thing because, not only does that make for one of the greatest seasons of the year, but it also makes activities that aren't so fun feel like a blast. Summer camps of every type are popping up all over the place. It's common to find camps to learn how to play music, learn leadership, and even to lose weight. But there is a new and very beneficial type of camp that is emerging on a national level, and that is the ESL Summer Camp.

That's right, there are camps now where children and adults alike can go to learn English, as well as have fun doing all sorts of outdoor activities. These English summer camps are part of a wave of education that is hitting the population, and not a moment too soon. The United States has always been an extremely diverse country with hundreds of languages being spoken all throughout it. Now there is a chance for those who want to learn English to learn it, and now they can do it without even sacrificing the fun of their summer!

ESL Summer Camp is a great alternative to summer school. Also, studies show that an enjoyable learning environment is preferred to the stereotypical stuffy classroom. This means that, through kinetic study, many of the students in the summer camp will learn even more than they would being forced to memorize words in a classroom. Feel free to start signing up now!

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