Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rock Hound

If you are looking for a new hobby that will get you outside, help you notice the beauty of nature, and still yield some nice tangible gifts, then maybe rock hounding is for you. Just think of how fun mineral collecting can actually be--heading out into the mountains, hiking for hours on end through some of the most beautiful spots on Earth, and the whole point is just to look for even more beautiful pieces of the Earth to take home and polish.

Gemstones and polished rocks can be strangely satisfying in a lot of ways. For one they are a discovery that you yourself made. For another thing, cleaning up a rock or gem, and getting it neatly smoother and polished, can be a very fulfilling process. Just think about having a collecting of precious stones, or making them into gifts for your loved ones. Polished rocks and gems are something that we, as a society and culture, still put a lot of value in--so don't be afraid to try build a nice collection with the intention of impressing a few of your friends!

Precious stones can still be found all over certain geographic locations. A nice hike in the morning is satisfying in and of itself, but add in finding a few beautiful artifacts along the way as well, and quite a successful day is now being had. There aren't many leisure activities that also double as tangibly beneficial events. Rock hounding is an activity that could soon become your favorite hobby!

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