Thursday, June 24, 2010

Serious Fishing

A lot of people out there have childhood memories of quietly fishing in a river with their parents. This was the calm type of fishing that most people enjoyed when times were much simpler. Well guess what? We are a generation of adventurers and dynamos now, so that kind of fishing just isn't going to cut it anymore.

We need to get out on the open waters and hunt those big game fish. We are the dominant species on the planet and those huge, cocky fish need to be reminded of that. Not only will this kind of expedition require the average fishing supplies, but now some additional fun pieces will need to be added: a marine GPS and navigation system? Yes please. These new forms of marine electronics will practically guarantee the capture of some big, beautiful trophy fish. And don't forget to load up your boat with the latest electrical and communication equipment.

In all honesty these fish don't stand a chance. We are heading out there to hunt big game fish, and we all have access to the right kind of equipment to do it. The titular fisherman from The Old Man and The Sea went after a big fish without the right equipment and we all remember what happened to him--he died, but worse than than, he never got that huge, glorious fish back to the land so he could show it off. Don't let that be you, get all your proper fishing supplies together and show the sea what the Old Man is really made of.

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