Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sci-Fi is Going Strong

The Science Fiction genre hasn't been around as long most of the more classical forms of literary creation. But it has gained more than a foothold with popular culture and, lucky for us all, it seems like it is here to stay. Of course we are all familiar with classic stories and movies that define the genre, but what else is out there for someone who just isn't getting enough out their average taste-of-sci-fi experience? Well there is a whole other world out there, so to speak, for those wanting to be more involved in science fiction.

A major branch of sci-fi life is gaming. Yes, the first thought that brings to most people's minds is groups of people dressed like Lord of The Rings characters and fake-attacking each other in a park--but that is Fantasy and not science fiction, so don't even worry about that! The playable board games, such as Rise of Eldrazi and the Dominion game, are much more challenging and exciting than the average child's board game. Think about this: Games for children are designed to teach them necessary skills, while at the same time being fun enough that the child does not realize they are learning. Why should adults be deprived of this? It is nothing short of unfair.

That is why Science Fiction is such a beneficial genre of study. Sure we can learn a lot from reading Romantic poetry, but when was the last time there was a board game about Samuel Taylor Coleridge or William Wordsworth as a learning aid? Don't even try to answer that, because it's rhetorical--in fact, if it was possible for that question to be less than rhetorical, it would be. Sci-fi games are entertaining and fun for people of all ages, so please support this genre and maybe in another century or two it will be regarded as classic.

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