Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Computers Never Die

All people ever hear anymore is how useless and obsolete computers become; they are so quickly outdated that it is almost impossible to keep up. We hear this, but do we see it? Try to remember the last time a computer made within the last ten years hit the dump, or even a trash can. The truth is that certain aspects of computers can become outdated--for some. A laptop that is five years old may not be able to run the fastest programs, but it is still useful to someone, but more important than that is the ability to repair old computers. This is what keeps people from just throwing computers out with the rest of the trash.

Used computers
make up a large chunk of the market. They are not as obsolete as the original owners may have thought--and even if they are, then a little bit of support can go a long way. People just want to buy what is new and exciting, so they turn in their old computers, sell them online, or donate them to whoever has a hand up. Computer equipment, both old and new, is everywhere and can be combined in exciting ways.

A used laptop is still a laptop, and should not just be discarded as if it is all of a sudden some ancient machine that has absolutely no use anymore. Computers have not been around for very long when considering our full industrial history, yet we treat them as if they are not able to keep up with our needs--they need to keep getting better at a faster rate. All we really need is one computer and access to some kind of computer repair service--we will be all set.

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