Friday, June 25, 2010

My Favorite Price Guns

Next time you see a bored clerk in a grocery store, loosely gripping a price gun, don't feel bad for them. It may seem like a dead-end job, but don't be fooled because it definitely is a dead end job. Any field that includes any kind of pricing gun should be feared and be cause for concern. The reason you shouldn't feel bad for the clerk is because, c'mon my friend, this is the life you chose.

Don't remember the plot of the film What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Well it revolves around a boy who has a seemingly inescapable and dead-end life. What was his job? he worked at a local grocery store--price guns are seen in several different shots. Somehow, Gilbert manages to escape the dreary life afforded to him by price guns like the monarch 1110--but only after his mother dies, his house burns down, and the love of his life drives away.

When searching for those summer job that make people think, "I just need something right now; I won't have this job for more than a few months," be sure to check your resolve first. Be careful not to get sucked into something just because it's easy--of course it's easy, but where's the joy that could possible come from putting prices on things? We should live in a world where everything is equal, and foods go to those who need them--not to those who understand the inner workings of the price gun racket.

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