Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Decor in the Real World

What kinds of items could I use for a little interior home decorating? I normally just buy random pieces of furniture and books, but that might not cut it forever. I am not really into the idea of having things around that I don't need, so it will be a tough bridge to cross.

Maybe I will just take all the functional items in my house and turn them into decorations. For instance, I could take the magnetic plates that are designed to hold knives and forks in the kitchen and apply them elsewhere. Would the TV remote stick to one of those? They have batteries in them don't they? Home decor items of the past beware--these are great ideas.

I need to make a list of all the possible ways I could decorate my house with the random things that are already messing it up. Like the time I hammered Ben's headphones to the wall--who's the artist now? It is minimalism and technological art at its finest. To be honest, even though these really are great ideas, I will probably still go to a store and buy some random things. As soon as it starts snowing our floors are going to get ruined. That is what I will take care of today. This is real.

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