Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Save the Clock Tower

Are large wall clocks still a thing that people have? I can answer that question in the affirmative because my sister has a ton of them. Clocks are hardly even functional anymore, so what is the point of having a really huge one?

Maybe people are making ironic statements about the uselessness of analog clocks in this day and age. By putting a huge clock on their wall they are saying, "We all have clocks in our pockets that are attached to telephones that can handle the most advanced acts that the human race is capable of, but you can still look at this huge clock on my wall realize the importance of time over all of those other things! YEAH!" That isn't an example of irony, but halfway through writing it this version sounded funnier in my head--this is MY blog.

Large wall clocks--ironic, non-ironic, or nostalgic reminders--are weird. I only think that because I always see them sold in stores that I never shop in. Some people fear what they don't understand, but I think things are weird if I never get closer than ten feet away. It is the same basic principle. If I ever walk into a mom store that sells big clocks I will do my best to understand them.

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