Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party Hats

I remember one time a year or two ago I saw a girl at a party wearing a Russian fur hat. She was clearly the hot item at the party, and I am guessing that the hat was the reason why. However, all I could think was, "It isn't even that cold; what is this girl's problem?"

Rather than go up to her and make fun of the hat, I let her enjoy the night. It was more than obvious that without the hat she was nothing to write home about, so nights like this would probably carry her through the next few lonely weeks. It was much like when a department store relies on Christmas sales to keep themselves in business throughout the rest of the fiscal year. Of course in this metaphor, "staying is business" is on par with "not committing suicide." Which is precisely why I let her be.

You have to pick and choose your battles. Whenever a Russian fur hat is involved there is only one plan of action: leave it alone. It is either a sad person trying to get attention, or a tough Russian mobster, and either way you don't need to get involved. This is a lesson that I learned a long time ago.

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