Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Look Really Smart

I know a great way to look cultured; are you ready for it? This winter, go out and buy an ushanka, I guarantee they are going to be the next keffiyeh. Plus they are actually functional--you think Russians can mess around by trying to look hip during the winter? No way, hip people die in Russia.

Back to the original message--it definitely makes you look cultured. Russian fur hats imply that you have been reading up on Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, and you know all about what happened at Chernobyl. The important is not to be cultured, but only to look the part. You are only going to be talking to so many people at parties this winter; they couldn't appropriately investigate your background and intelligence even if they wanted to. This scenario also implies that an actually cultured person wouldn't be able to showoff adequately in such a short amount of time. Why bother learning about a region when it is such an obvious waste of time? Just put on that ushanka and let curiosity do the rest.

Don't worry about getting busted. When was the last time someone wearing a keffiyeh got busted for not being able to find its country of origin on a map, or even knowing who Arafat was? Live your life, and get some well-deserved attention for it.

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