Friday, November 12, 2010

Smoke Up, Johnny

Everyday day that passes is a day where I have wasted my life in a small way. Why would I say something so harsh and cruel about myself? Because I have not yet smoked an electronic cigarette. I will probably not smoke one today or tomorrow either. I am WASTING MY LIFE.

The illustrious E cig is something so amazing that even when I say "E cig" I am immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful technology of it, as well as the crushing guilt that I have not yet partaken of this robotic smoke. People are so worried about dying from lung cancer as a result of smoke, and do you know why? Because old-timey cigarettes are boring and annoying. If the electronic cigarette gave me lung cancer I would happily accept it as a part of my life; it is just that cool.

I would never blame the product for any bad thing that might come of using it. People don't blame their cars when they get into accidents, or fast food for making them fat, so why be so hard on things that are on fire, and obviously more dangerous than any of those things? Smoke up and enjoy yourself, because tomorrow you die.

1 comment:

  1. Smoking electronic cigarettes makes you a cyborg, thus starting you on the path to ultimate coolness. What girl DOESN'T want to get with the bionic man?

    Next step: using the motorized scooters at the grocery store.