Monday, November 1, 2010


What is it about sex toys that are so desirable? More often than not I hear that it has to do with excitement; people are into trying new things all the time, so after a while with the same partner it is kind of a natural progression.

I can relate because I get bored really easily. However, getting bored easily does not mean that I am looking for new things to make something old more exciting--it means that I am looking for something new entirely. Sex toys have never even crossed my mind because I am bored with a person long before I am bored with their goods. What? It's called honesty, and honesty is a VIRTUE. This is America, not Toronto.

Plus, who wants to rely on sex toys to have a good time? Probably a lot of people, actually. I am too busy to complicate my life with sex toys. I don't need a car AND a motorcycle, get it?

I am running out of euphemisms pretty quickly, so I should probably end this post before something less metaphoric comes out. I have dropped enough knowledge, science, and love for one day. Let me know if you have any sexy questions, readers; there is a chance I will care enough to answer them.

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