Thursday, October 21, 2010


When I was growing up my parents had a very intense home security system. We will never know if it deterred criminals or not, but it definitely went off every six months in the middle of the night and scared everyone in the house to death.

I probably haven't heard that home security alarm in about ten years, but I can still remember the exact tone, timbre, frequency, and repetitive tempo of that ridiculous alarm. Oh, did one of my sisters tough a window in her sleep? Yeah, we all deserve to have our ears bleed as a result of that. If one thief ever heard that alarm go off, I'm sure that word of mouth would have kept other thieves from ever coming near our home.

I like the idea of using fear to keep people away from things. Little children are afraid to touch a hot stove, and lower-class adults and teens are scared of loud beeping sounds. We lived in a decently high-crime area so it made sense to have such a drastic alarm. In fact, every high-crime region should just build houses with systems included; I'm looking you, New Jersey. Let's try a little harder to scare criminals to death.

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