Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fancy Ice

Do hotels still have ice machines? I guess I am glad that there are some modern conveniences that are afforded to people who stay in hotels and motels, but are ice machines really necessary? Maybe I just don't understand how important ice is to people.

The thing is that I don't actually find ice all that useful, but maybe that isn't why people are so interested. Perhaps ice represents how, as awesome humans, overcame nature and took control over the elements in a small way. I know that sounds strange but is that any more strange than people in hotels saying, "Um, hello? The water in my room is pretty cold, but it isn't ICE cold; what am I, a peasant? I need ice to always be within a few feet of me!"

Guess what your highness? It snows where I live, so you can live outside and have all the ice you could ever need. As it weird as it sounds I would prefer it if people wanted ice machines around to remind them that humans have overcome nature. It is much easier for me to imagine people sitting in their hotel rooms, hold hands, and whispering to each other softly: "We did it."

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