Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Water Video

What if I decided to buy 100 water beds? What would we all do with them? To be honest, the first thing that I thought of was filling a pool with them, or just filling the pool with the water from the beds. Since that is clearly a terrible idea, and a waste of 100 water beds, it should be clear why I am asking for help.

We could maybe cover the floor and walls of a room with the water beds and have fights in there. That way when someone gets thrown into a wall the mattress would explode and shoot water everywhere. Wait! We could also film the fight with HD cameras and slow down the shots of water exploding. What's up, artistic viral video?

Turns out I don't need you guys to think of any ideas after all, I just needed to get more warmed up. If you dudes still want to help me out, then you can film or fight in the video. I promise to give everyone credit for their part in gaining this internet fame. This would be a good jumping point for any of our careers. Don't ever forget that we owe this all the water beds--if I actually buy them.

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