Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something Not Cat Related

I wrote once about how much I would like to move to San Francisco with my friends and start a painting company. That might sound strange to the people who are not familiar with the original post (this is where the average blogger would link you, the reader, to their older post, but I am not about to go through all that extra work), but you can keep up without it (see? You don't even need it); the concept is not too difficult.

My reasoning was simple: I wanted to be outside and still be creating something beautiful. Having a painting company would afford me the ability to do both of those things while still getting paid. San Francisco came into the equation just because a lot of my friends already live there. Is it all making sense now? It should because it really simple yet awesome idea, and as my loyal readers you should all be supporting me in this venture.

If any of you can think of jobs that would afford similar benefits please let me know about them. You can reach me right here, on this blog. I check it pretty much everyday, and am usually pretty quick to get back to people and let them know that I love them.

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