Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Flower Friends

Guess what? I now have two friends involved with the flower delivery industry. We will call them Randy and Ronny for the sake of anonymity. However, Ronny probably won't be in as many stories as Randy because he just isn't in as many strange situations.

Except! Recently Ronny was embarking on a little flower delivery when he met an old couple who invited him in to show him all of their bowling trophies and memorabilia. The old man was on oxygen but he apparently still had a crushing hand shake. Who knew that delivering flowers could give us all so much hope about getting old and not losing our strength and energy? Not that I am going to depend on bowling to keep me in shape for the rest of my life.

My two friends are very dependable delivery boys, and they would go anywhere from Salt Lake City to Yakima. They know that people need joy in their lives, and they know that it is up to them. It is a lot of responsibility, but they handle it with a grace and endurance that most people wouldn't expect. Some people (like me) would think, "These are just flowers; what's the big deal?" But Randy and Ronny know better.

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