Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something I Actually Want to Talk About

Who else loves the movie Fargo? You should love it because it's practically perfect, and if you haven't seen it just let me know and you can come by and see it anytime. That movie has been analyzed and lauded enough for its intellectual, humorous, and cinematic prowess, so I would rather talk about another awesome aspect.

I cannot believe how much personal injury takes place in that movie. Of course that is a great way to teach people that crime doesn't pay whether you are the mastermind, the false mastermind, the muscle, the mouth, or the last man standing. In that movie crime falls apart from the inside out, as well as being pursued by moderately decent police officers.

Personal injury, death, and incarceration pick off the villains one by one until no one remains--even most of the victims are gone. No crime is victimless in that movie. However, all of the beautiful imagery, humor, and intellectual plot hidden in unintelligent dialogue, makes for one of the most brilliant films ever made--Sorry that I left out all of those details in this post, but there is just too much to cover in such a small amount of space. Go watch Fargo, people.

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