Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not Yet a Doctor

My parents were all about holistic wellness when I was a kid. I'm sure they still are, but since I haven't lived with them for a few years, that also means I haven't been to any kind of doctor since that day. I don't remember being in love with the holistic wellness system, but it was at least less harsh than standard medicine.

The holistic doctor is never going to put you under or cut you open, so they sound pretty great. Unless you have a serious problem that requires cutting or splicing--then you might want to try scientific wellness. There are only so many things that fish oil can cure; I am not about to look up what those things are either.

Someday in the distant future I met get sick enough to have to go to the doctor again, but that will have to be a pretty serious problem. I have gotten really sick in the past few years--not a ton--and I have yet to cave and head into the doctor's office. I like to think that this process of not giving my body any outside help is making my immune system tougher. But I don't really know; what am I, a doctor? (I'm not.)

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