Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Murdering The Devil Hills

When I go on vacation, I rarely worry about getting vacation rentals or hotel rooms ahead of time. Maybe that makes me tough, but to be honest it definitely makes me tough. I just like to live out on the edge and see where the wind takes me. Got a problem with that life, corporate America? Well GET USED TO IT, because this is just who I am, and there is nothing that is going to change me.

Wait, there is really a town called Kill Devil Hills? Okay, I don't want to visit a place like that without having a plan--it just sounds too scary. Oh, the town is actually full of rich people? Man, this is going to be one seriously terrifying trip. I should probably just stay home and get a job in a cubicle.

After reading through this post I feel that I must apologize for not having stronger convictions. however, having convictions is the best way to get disappointed and heart-broken. It's much better to live life without believing in anything, because then nothing can disappoint you. Go on vacation or not--who cares? Not me, dude. I am just going to float around the world handing down life lessons and hanging out.

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