Friday, October 22, 2010

Feed Me

When are people going to start getting commercial refrigerators in their homes? I can already sense the people out there getting grossed out by the fact that I want that much food in my house, but guess what? You're gross.

If someone made a flow chat that represented the amount of food in my fridge versus my happiness, they would immediately notice a steady rise in correlation with food. The important thing to note is that there is no drop off; my happiness will rise forever with the food. Now that you, the reader, are aware of this connection would you still want to deny me the privilege of owning several commercial refrigerators? I would hope not, but I can respect your freedoms.

This might seem like a greedy way to behave, but really the only things I care about in the world are food and kitchen-related appliances. Take away all other modern conveniences and I won't even notice. As long as there is balance I feel fine about wanting to be surrounded by foods all the time. The huge fridge does even have to have any ice machines. See what a generous guy I can be? Now please, let the stockpiling begin.

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