Thursday, October 21, 2010

Money = Problems

My dad has not given me a lot of advice in my life, but the few times he has sat me down and delivered a message it has really stuck with me. The two that I can think of right now both have to do with money.

The first is: Always have cash when you are on a date. My dad probably didn't realize that I was only going to go on like twelve dates in my entire life, and I'm sure pretty sure that he thought I was a homosexual for about two years. I don't why he was even giving me dating advice.

The second piece of advice is this: Never be a private lending station for your friends. I know that it seems rude to never lend money to friends, but my dad had great reasoning for it, and I have seen it happen just the way he said it would.

I am all for private lending for friends, actually, but I am just careful about it. The problem my dad had with lending money to friends is that it can too easily ruin the friendship--and since I didn't have a lot of friends I can see why he was giving me advice on this. His main point was that if you loan someone money and wait a long time for the repayment, you will start to resent that friend--especially if you ever see them doing anything that costs money: eating out, buying clothes, etc. But inevitably those things are going to happen because that is normal behavior.

Thanks for the advice, pop. Private lending will remain something that I am weary of.

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