Monday, October 18, 2010

Still no GIFs Posted

I took a few photoshop and html classes in college (yeah for no reason), and if there is one thing they have in common it's that they have nothing in common. However, creating a website in photoshop is becoming more and more common.

Going from photoshop to html is something that never seemed likely, but apparently there is a way to easily format the two together and create websites with entirely new techniques. Pretty exciting stuff right? You don't have to answer--it is. That is why I took two classes about it in college and then graduated in something completely unrelated.

This really is supposed to be big news for the internet, as a whole, but let's get real. Technology, especially computers and the internet, go through a dramatic change about every fifteen minutes, so forgive me if I don't lose my mind with excitement over something like formatting for the design of new websites. I mean, I will go to the new websites okay? But that is as far as I am willing to act or care. Also, as previously mentioned, I will only go to that site if there are animated GIFs (of kittens) and glitter graphics (of Bratz quotes). There you go, internet, you now have my exact criteria for a great site--do your worst.

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