Monday, October 11, 2010

My Buddies: A New Perspective

There is a group of kids that I know who take trips all the time. I am not saying they are rich kids without any real responsibility, but I am also not saying the opposite of that either. There is a rumor going around that their next vacation destination is going to be the brutal sounding town of Kill Devil Hills.

Since I know the locations of a lot of their former trips, Kill Devil Hills seems like just the place that these kids would love to stay. It has pristine beaches and killer vacation rentals, so what else could any mid-twenties party animal need? I am using the term "party animal" in a pretty loose way. These kids don't party in the real sense of the word, but I don't do anything at all, so whenever someone goes on a trip or to a movie I am always like "Whoooaaaa, say hi to the rest of the party animals for me." Aren't you guys glad I explained that?

Needless to say, those kids are relative party animals, and I am a relative corpse. However, after a deadly trip to Kill Devil Hills I will seem a thousand times more alive than those party people.

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