Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Water Sleeping

I have never been an 80s playboy--that is to say, I have never owned a water bed. The exact decade for the height of water bed sales is not exactly something I am aware of, but I have seen a lot of movies where people have water beds, and they pretty much all take place in the 80s.

So is there an actual medical benefit to sleeping on water, or is it just all about the novelty? I sat on one a few years ago and immediately thought, "This is crazy." Maybe it was crazy and maybe it wasn't, but I had made up mind about water beds and water sleep in general. For me, the more solid the surface the better. That means a firm mattress or the floor works for me.

Perhaps one day I will try to show off my eclectic tastes and I will buy a water couch or something. Oh, that hasn't been invented yet? Well then it looks like I have my work cut out for me. An entire gaggle of water related furniture appears to be in my future--my 80s playboy future. This is going on the list of dreams that I have for my adult life.

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