Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Muscle Time

I recently started working out with a personal trainer. I am doing this because I am getting older, and I need to start worrying about my fitness. Now that the gym is a place I see pretty frequently it is obvious that there is a definite divide between the majority of people there and myself.

For one, they are all pretty concerned with fashion. Dude, we are at the gym getting sweaty and gross--stop wearing jewelry and designer shoes. The funny part is when someone gets obsessed with their gym fashion, they stop working out at as hard, and thus they soon lose their sexy bodies and have to start caring about fitness again. Fashion and fitness form a strange cycle of which I want no part.

If anyone ever came up to me at the gym and wanted to chat I would cancel my membership. That shouldn't be a problem since the gym is full of muscle dummies and orange girls--none of us are each other's types. Being there more and more is just getting me used to the idea of seeing all those weird people, and I'm sure that they are getting more and more used to me as well.

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