Monday, October 4, 2010

I Used to Be Tough

Guess what my first job was? I started driving a forklift when I was about 15. Oh, you didn't know that I used to be tough and blue collar? Don't let these parades of purple prose fool you into thinking that I have been a nerd all of my life.

After driving the forklift I was a changed man; it was like I had a mental bond with every kind of machinery. Whether it was a cherry picker or a used skid steer I could understand what each machine needed to run efficiently--like at the end of Speed Racer. maybe I have lost some of those skills now, but there was a time when I could use machines to construct and deconstruct buildings--not just literary works. BOOM.

All this talk has made me kind of miss that old life. I wonder what ol' forky is up to these days; I hope he and the used skid steer are finally getting along. That sentence made me sound a little crazy, but I'm for sure not crazy--it's called understanding and compassion, people. Machinery needs to be cared for the same as anything else. People name their cars don't they? Love for vehicles is pretty common, so cut me some slack.

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