Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh Hey, Debt

Here is a little known fact about me: I would rather be in jail or debt than go to a bail bondsman for help. Do you know why? because I would rather be in jail than be in debt with two broken legs. I am not saying that all bail bondsman are corrupt and violent, but they have at least set up their business to make money.

When someone loans out money, how do they make a profit? Let's think about this for just a few seconds. If you loaned someone money with a high interest rate, would you make more money if they paid you on time, or if they continually paid you late, and thus their fees would continue for much longer? If you make more money from people who can't afford to pay on time, would you set up your system to make it so it was much harder for anyone to pay on time?

The bail bondsman is just one example, but if you are in debt the system is set up to keep you in debt because that way you pay out more to the people owed. I know that seems ridiculously unfair, and it is, but not to the people who are collecting your debts. Just declare bankruptcy and hide out in Wilmington.

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