Friday, October 15, 2010

We Won't Fall From One to Two

I have recently spent some time working out with a personal trainer, it is a decent way to lose weight and promote weight loss therapy. Not that I really need to lose weight, but being skinny definitely does not equal being healthy.

I used to live near a place that I think was called Oxon Hill, and there were a decent amount of obese people in my area. I'm not saying that everyone needs to lose weight, but if they ever want to get married they had better start thinking about a little weight loss therapy. I am just being sarcastic; people should only lose weight if they want to. It's true that our culture has huge (hehe) stigmas on being overweight, but on an individual level we have the ability to fight those ideologies.

Maybe this is easy for me to talk about because I am thin, and thus society loves me. I am also male, white, straight, and Christian. How easy could one person have it? It's like we are living in feudal times and I was born into the royal bloodline. I might as well enjoy it now, because this can't last forever, and to be honest I can't wait for that; it's too much much pressure ruling the world.

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