Monday, October 11, 2010

My Buddies

Some of my friends are planning a trip for the coming spring. I am tempted to suggest Kill Devil Hills just to see how they all react. I'm sure some of them will be into the idea, but for those who have never heard of the town, they will probably think that I am kidding or being a jerk.

I will have to explain that Kill Devil Hills is a real place with real vacation rentals. The real test will be seeing if they ever start believing me; the more I talk about how it real a town with that name is, the more sarcastic it is likely to sound. The good people of Kill Devil Hills set us all up for that one: "Hey, what would be a good way to promote our town? I got it! We can give it such a crazy name that people debate its existence, and then have to come visit to settle their bets." Good call, fictional mayor.

The truth is that I will not suggest this place as a location for my friends' trip, because the people I am talking about are not really even my friends. What? Like you guys never pretend you hang out with the popular kids.

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