Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a Modern Girl

I have never had a manicure or a pedicure. I just don't see the need for one or the other. If having less than perfect nails is something that would drive away a potential friend, lover, or coworker I would never worry about it, because that is clearly someone that I wouldn't want to associate with anyway.

The day spa is a place that I do not feel drawn to. A lot of my family members are fans, and that is fine, it just isn't for me. I would really prefer it if people didn't always expect others to be extremely neat, tidy, or tied down with cultural ideas that don't really help any of us progress in a tangible way. Having clean nails is somehow more important than being up to date on current events or being well read. There is no reason they should thought of as mutually exclusive.

Maybe I am just being too picky about everything. I used to live near San Diego, and a lot of people down there were vapid and without original ideas about anything. They made up for it by being "beautiful" in a way, and everyone seemed fine with that. The problem with beauty replacing intelligence is that it really is a much easier road to take, so I fear that it only becomes more and more common as time moves forward.

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