Friday, October 22, 2010

Strange Convenience

Remember how the one thing that hotels have to have are ice machines? Do people really care about those? I can't remember the last time I used ice for anything--I don't even like it in my drinks, let alone my vacations.

I have never been sitting around a hotel room and thought, "Man, this place had better have some ice machines--what do they think? That vacations and ice DON'T go together?" In fact, I am surprised that hotel rooms have anything in them that isn't a bed. If people want ice machines they can just check into the Ritz and enjoy their posh existence. Plus it snows for a decent chunk of the year here. Are people on vacation really running in from the snow and yelling, "Where are your ice machines!?" There might be people who do that, but I wouldn't worry about fulfilling their needs.

I wonder why that is a thing that got started. I'm not saying it's strange that ice machines exist in hotels, but rather that it's strange for that to be the one convenience that they all share in common. Are we assuming that people are all buying drinks and they all need ice? It's like selling a bunch of condiments instead of selling food.

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