Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More on My Future Kitchen

I have talked a lot on this blog about getting the greatest kitchen in the world, but I have never before mentioned getting commercials refrigerators for the home--actually, I have mentioned it at least once before. What can I say? I just want to have an amazing kitchen.

I am big fan of both cooking and eating, so it is obvious that having a crazy kitchen is something that would benefit me. It isn't like everything needs to be custom or anything, but it would be nice if everything at least worked. When stuff works it is my absolute favorite. Commercial refrigerators would be awesome just because they can hold a ton of food; I don't have to have them to be fulfilled, but it would still make me happy if they were around.

The kitchen I use right now isn't so much a kitchen as it is a hallway. I am not complaining because it gets the job done, but it still a little cramped... and the stove is kind of a fire hazard. Other than a those, and a few other things, the kitchen is pretty capable of cooking anything that I need to cook--commercial refrigerators or not.

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