Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Half-Costume Ideas

With Halloween coming up, one must decide the appropriate way to dress for the occasion. Even if you have already decided to act like an adult this year and not dress up, there are still festive things you can do to keep all your friends from thinking you are the most boring person they know.

Ever considered glow in the dark earrings? Probably not, but guess what? They are a good idea. What about fingerless, glowing, leather gloves for the bikers out there? I know you guys want to keep looking tough, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a little holiday cheer at the expense of your rough exterior. For the record, glow earrings and fingerless gloves are applied to both sexes in the post. That should be obvious, but I have no idea who reads these; I don't want some guy out there wishing he could wear glow earrings too. Dude, just wear them.

I bring this festive topic up because I am in the middle every year. I don't ever want to get fully dressed up (some years), but I still want to be part of the party. Usually that means wearing my street clothes and a monster mask, but I think everyone is sick of that.

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