Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coffee Specifications

I don't drink coffee; I talk fast enough as it is. However, I know that pretty much everyone who isn't me is in love with coffee. If their cup isn't brewed with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans they won't even touch it. hey coffee dudes, I'm pretty sure that coffee is coffee.

Just kidding--I know that as a person who doesn't drink I don't understand; I am willing to admit that. But you should also try to see things from my perspective and see how specific coffee drinkers are compared to other food and beverage appreciators (I purposely didn't use the word "connoisseurs" because that is not what the majority of coffee drinkers are, they are just hipsters who want to try a new blend). If someone loves food, they might go to an extremely nice restaurant to get the right meal, but I have never heard of the majority of eaters complaining that the leaves of their salad weren't grown on a certain part of a specific hill in Malaysia.

Coffee drinkers are in a world all their own. Everyone has their own special kind of drink that represents them; a person's uniqueness is defined by their cup of coffee, and that is why it is taken so seriously. The easiest way to define yourself quickly to a crowd is to take something that they all know and then change it slightly to fit you--being exactly like everyone else, with a few little changes. Coffee is perfect for that.

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