Friday, October 8, 2010

Wake up, Martins

Dear Andy Martin, I have a great idea for your future as a dentist. The first thing you will need to do after school is move to Philadelphia and open up shop. This is the key: start up an ad campaign having something to do with Rocky Balboa and people getting their teeth knocked out.

People in Philadelphia love Rocky, so having a poster of some dude with messed up teeth because Rocky punched him in the face would definitely get the public's attention. The sign could read, "We can't help but get our teeth knocked out by Rocky! Let Dr Martin fix you up so you look like a champ again!" BOOM. You're welcome.

People are suckers for movies they like, and I should know. If I saw a poster of Scott Pilgrim drinking poison as a sports drink, I would not only drink poison, but I would even find a real sport to take part in--which is way more out there for me, than drinking poison. With said, you should trust me on this Rocky meets the Dentist ad campaign. Actually, having an ad where Rocky goes to the dentist would probably be a better idea than having him punch people in the mouth all day. Either way, I guess.

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