Monday, October 11, 2010

The War in Heaven

Did you guys know that in Kill Devil Hills people can ride toboggans down big sandy hills? That is crazy. But by "crazy" I mean seriously awesome. Do you remember what the worst parts of riding toboggans in the normal conditions are? The answer is this: The normal conditions are ice and cold ice.

Riding a sled down the sandy hills of Kill Devil Hills is probably what killed the devil in the first place. People having the best time ever is most likely what the devil hates the most. If clapping bring fairies back to life, then laughter and joy-squeals probably kills demons. Wait... I am figuring something out. If sliding down those hills is what makes people happy, and that happiness killed the devil, then that is why the town is called Kill Devil Hills! BOOM. Some people might think that answer is a stretch, but if you think that then you weren't playing close enough attention. Did you see that trail of logic? It's called math, people.

The point to this post is to let people know that sliding down sandy hills is awesome--so awesome that it probably kills the devil every time you do it. Sliding down sandy hills is probably how the war in heaven was won in the first place.

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