Friday, October 1, 2010

A Great Idea

Why don't sports teams ever have gun names? I would definitely go and see the Dallas Guns play--and I would also watch the other team be terrified. They could even nickname the quarterback The Dallas Shotgun or something similar. Only one question remains: Why am I not in charge of all sports' naming conventions?

From now on all teams will either be named after cute animals, theoretical things that can be found in space, and destructive weapons. Oh, the Atlanta Wormholes are playing the Los Angeles Munchkin Cats? that's going to be a good one. It might even be as good as the Dallas Gun Shops versus the New York Folded Space.

Are you hearing this? These are awesome team names, and I wasn't even trying that hard. If someone would just give me a chance I could really think of some great names for teams. These guys are just a taste.

I would happily work for any and all sports, just so you know. Also, I promise that I will never ever run out of ideas--in fact we could change every team's name every year and I would be totally fine with it. Seriously, someone please just give me a chance; I can do it!

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