Monday, October 25, 2010

Confidence, Cohen.

Let's face it; adult life can get a little boring, am I right? As kids things were all so much more exciting and fulfilling, and there is only one major difference that I can think of--seriously, only one. That difference is that kids get sports trophies for nothing.

Honestly, I was terrible at sports, and I have like fifteen trophies to show for it. It is safe to say that as a kid I felt great about myself, even though I really had no reason to. Kids in high school sometimes got plaques for doing something impressive--impressive for something in high school--and that seemed like a logical next step. So what are the adult versions of sports trophies? Well if you are wanting some awards for not really doing anything you are going to have to get involved in the corporate world--possibly in Ohio.

It makes sense, right? All competition seems like it starts arbitrarily during childhood, and the one place that is useful as an adult is in the corporate setting. Don't believe me? Search around the internet for "Corporate Awards" and see how many beautiful options come up. If your life is missing that small boost in confidence from walking away with a trophy awarded just for showing up, then look into corporate America for your fix.

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