Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Would Be a Terrible Therapist

There was once a girl I dated who had all the symptoms of an alcoholic. I don't mean that there were warning signs, but that the signs were actual alcoholism; she was drunk for a good amount of the time I knew her.

I didn't think it was a very big deal at the time, because we were like twenty years old. At that age, everyone who drinks behaves like an alcoholic. Since I had never alcohol I didn't really know what was normal anyway. She had just started drinking, and the only way people understand their limits is by finding them... every night for six months. At any age, the person who discovers alcohol has to treat it like a fourteen year-old who feels peer pressure from the entire world. However, starting to drink over a certain age gives the drunk a condescending attitude of "I am finally an adult!" I hope the irony is not lost on my readers.

If there was one good decision I made with that girl, it was to never let her get close. Like I know how to live with an alcoholic--she would have been a lot worse off in my care. Didn't you read this post? I wasn't even paying attention to the situation.

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