Friday, October 1, 2010

Cooler Than Smoking

Dear smokers, this post is for you:

Do you ever think that smoking is still pretty cool, but it is just looking a little dated? Well it just so happens that you are right on both accounts. Of course smoking still looks cool--haven't you seen a movie lately? However, we are not cowboys anymore, and there has to be a way to show that you and your laptop are hip, even if your cigarettes aren't.

Buy electronic cigarettes. I know what you're thinking: "How can cigarettes be electronic?" To be honest I have no idea, but can you explain to me how the internet works? You're using it right now aren't you? There are just some technological advances that we cannot explain, but that has never stopped us from using them before.

Please, buy electronic cigarettes and stop looking so old fashioned. Analog cigarettes are so 1892--back when people drilled for oil instead of mastering photoshop and creating new memes. Those smokes just aren't going to cut it for this new, hip, minimalist, modern, plastic world. The electronic cigarette is one of those inventions that will probably never be explained--like ipods--but that doesn't mean people should be afraid to take advantage of how cool it can make them look--especially if they are using their ipods at the same time.

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