Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Once and Future ME

I have never been to Florida, but I have been recently been thinking about looking into some Panama City Beach vacation rentals. Even though I am not really a beach guy, it sounds like people have a pretty good time out in Florida. If Will Smith likes it, then who am I to question the things that he loves and proclaims about?

Panama City sounds like as nice a place as any to party and relax--at the same time. Maybe it's high time I became beach dude with big muscles and an awesome tan. I have tried to avoid becoming that kind of guy for my entire life, but I might as well stop avoiding the inevitable and embrace my true heritage. You guys, a LOT of people in my family are bros, and they are a pretty big influence on me. I know, please forgive me.

This is probably the last time any of us will ever speak; once I get to Panama City things will be forever changed. maybe once I become strong and tan I will finally be comfortable in my own skin. I have been waiting my whole life to become this, so please support me with the fact that this is happening.

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