Monday, September 27, 2010

Possibly Jobs

Oxford, Massachusetts is place known for smart people, and the academic elite, but that doesn't have to mean you. There is actually an HVAC training school that is close to that area. If you say things like, "Books make me want to throw up, and they don't even help people. I just want to learn how to fix heaters and air conditioning units--I want to make a difference!" then you are not only dramatic, but you are ready for HVAC training.

Don't let the other, ritzy schools in the area fool you--people need their heaters to be fixed, and those nerds over at the university aren't going to be able to do it. Grab your tool box and head over to where the problem is. Actually, you can't head over there until after you have completed your training, but it shouldn't take you very long.

Finding the right job is important, and by "important" I mean "whatever." Just do something that doesn't drive you crazy and you will be just fine. Life isn't about living your dream--it's about doing things that don't make you an insane person, which is harder than you think it is. Just relax and find a nice tech school.

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