Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fake Monster

The other week I had to help this girl get some stuff out of some storage units. However, the storage units are not the exciting part of the story. The exciting part is that she flipped out on the way there because a bug touched her.

So we were driving along and all of a sudden she started screaming and actually going crazy. I thought she was secretly on fire or something, but then I saw her staring at a grasshopper that was next to her leg. I started laughing, obviously, but she just kept on screaming and going nuts. The real kicker is that when the event was over she kept calling the grasshopper a centipede. What? You can't just call things what they aren't.
"Hey are we finally in Atlanta?"
"...This is your storage unit."

The important thing is that we got there and got it done. Even with the bug incident in our way we still managed to move all of her stuff to wherever it was that it needed to be--like I remember. All I can remember now is that scream and her thinking it was a flying centipede. This isn't Spirited Away, and there aren't crazy monster bugs everywhere.

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