Friday, September 3, 2010

Old Age

There are several elderly people in my family, but not one of them has a medical alarm or even a medical alert dialer. I don't know if my family sees themselves as really tough, or if they actually are really tough. Either way I can't get old and use a medical alarm now--I will look like a sissy compared to my tough grandmas and grandpas. No way I'm going to let that happen.

Even if I really need a medical alarm in my old age I will not cave-in and buy one. I will take the risks that all of my family takes as old rebels. They are setting the example for me to be tough and not give in to the scary lives that some old people must endure--it could all be in the mind. Man, getting old is going to be confusing.

What if it really dangerous though? Maybe I will just get a medical alarm and hide it somewhere on my body without telling anyone. Then I will make sure that it only calls the hospital and not anyone else in my family. When they find out I am at the hospital with a broken hip I will be like, "Yeah I broke my hip! Then I built this hospital up around me! I need Jell-O!" Suckers.

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