Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tricky Auto Repair

So one time I took my car into the auto repair shop. My gauges had been going a little nuts, so I took it in in case they were being accurate. After a few hours of waiting I finally got my car in, and then I got to wait a few more hours; it was a cool day.

Finally someone who worked at the auto repair shop came out to talk to me. They guy said that my car didn't have any pressure and needed all new tubes or pipes or whatever. Not only was I mad about this work that needed to be done, but I was mad that all they done so far was check it out. Then he one-ups himself by saying, "Yeah we have some space open in two days, and we can fix your car up then." Without saying another word I grabbed my keys and left.

I figured I had two days before my car broke down, but guess what? It never happened. What a really cool trick that would have been to make me replace every tube in my engine for no reason. Maybe this wouldn't happen in a small town like Boise, where everybody knows everybody else, but I don't so it does. Great.

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